Monday, July 4, 2022

Tricia Almost Dated Drew Brees

It was a long time ago but it could have happened.

Watch The Sandy Show May 5, 2021

Watch the entire show.

Sandy’s Birthday Card For Tricia

Tricia does not like anything mushy, so what did Sandy do? Got her a mushy birthday card that almost made her throw up.

A Dog On A Slip and Slide

How fun is a a dog On A Slip and Slide? It was The Fuzz's birthday bit Shiny thinks the slip and slide is hers. ...

Our Houseguest Protects Us From TV Dogs

Thanks for listening, we hope you enjoy the Sandy Show Week In Review. Whether you LISTEN LIVE on the radio or the podcast, we...

Champion Of Games, Night 20 Results

Champion Of Games, Night 20 Results.  Post Game interview below. The Champion Of Games has begun.  The tournament consists of: 16 games of “Trouble” 4 games of “Ticket To...

The Stuff You Don’t Hear On The Air

Sometimes the funniest stuff happens when the mics are off, here is some of the stuff you don't hear on the air.  "The soft...
The Sandy Show

The Lady At The Bakery Gets Personal With Sandy

The Fuzz “Wipe”

The Fuzz has plenty of time on her hands this summer so she made this video called "Wipe". Summer camp isn't happening Sports, nope! CHAMPION OF GAMES...

Kissing The Blarney Stone Is Dangerous

You are risking your life when you kiss the Blarney Stone!

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The 2004 Movie Tricia Is Going Nuts Over

Here is the clip from "Man On Fire" that Tricia referred to.  She also says that this movie earned Denzel Washington a spot on...

Sandy and Tricia’s 50th Wedding Anniversay Photo

It is hard to explain how this happened.  Tricia and Sandy were sitting on a day bed and The Fuzz said they looked so...

Sandy Is Searching For Something

Sandy feels like he needs to do something that scares the ___ out of him. Something completely out of his comfort zone. Listen...

Sandy Finally “Gets” Prince

For years, Sandy has said he did not "get" Prince. A single performance from 2012 has enlightened him. Listen as Sandy explains how it...

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