Wednesday, September 28, 2022

The Nuclear Biscuit

You likely know about the "Nuclear Football" but do you know about the Nuclear Biscuit? Just in case you do not, here is something...

People Will Believe Anything

People really will believe anything.  It is hard to believe that Tricia had to tell guys not to believe someone posing as a Dr...

Video: Does Your Thanksgiving Meal Include Calf Slobbers?

Tricia explains to Sandy what "Calf Slobbers' are and that they are delicious.  Also, in Care Don't Care, and update on Black Panther 2...

Video: Tricia Makes Sandy Nervous

  One of Tricia’s questions during Rapid Fire Q&A made Sandy nervous that she knew something he did not know.
Sandy Show Coffee Mug

There Are Two Kinds Of People In The World

There are two kinds of people in the world, which one is The Fuzz?

Rapid Fire Q&A

There is a lot of funny in this round of "Rapid Fire Q&A" Sandy shares the strangest thing he has ever had a house...
The Sandy Show

The Lady At The Bakery Gets Personal With Sandy

3 Year Old Landry Cries When Her Horse Didn’t Win The Kentucky Derby

We were talking about the horse named after Dr Fauci winning it's first race, then took a trip down memory lane when The Fuzz...

A Day At The Ranch With The Fuzz

Sandy and The Fuzz spent a day at a friends ranch, here is a short clip of the day.

Champion Of Games, Night 20 Results

Champion Of Games, Night 20 Results.  Post Game interview below. The Champion Of Games has begun.  The tournament consists of: 16 games of “Trouble” 4 games of “Ticket To...

The Latest

Sandy Got His Toenails Painted

Sandy got his toenails painted.  Why?  

The Things We Learnt

All the things we learnt today!

Sandy Smells Girlie

The Phone Jibba Phone Prank “Pizza Delivery Ride Along”

Rick and the guys order a pizza to be delivered but have an unusual request.

Tricia’s Drunk Review of Kong vs Godzilla

Here is Tricia's drunk review of Kong vs Godzilla.

The “Hair Removal” Phone Jibba Phone Prank

Rick and the other producers in "The Tank" call a women that had her legs waxed and got a Brazilian the day before to...

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