Sunday, May 16, 2021

Tricia Almost Dated Drew Brees

It was a long time ago but it could have happened.

So, Sandy Tell Us How You Really Feel About The Queen

What Does Sandy Do That Makes Tricia React Like This?

The Nuclear Biscuit

You likely know about the "Nuclear Football" but do you know about the Nuclear Biscuit? Just in case you do not, here is something...

People Will Believe Anything

People really will believe anything.  It is hard to believe that Tricia had to tell guys not to believe someone posing as a Dr...

Video: Does Your Thanksgiving Meal Include Calf Slobbers?

Tricia explains to Sandy what "Calf Slobbers' are and that they are delicious.  Also, in Care Don't Care, and update on Black Panther 2...

Video: Tricia Makes Sandy Nervous

  One of Tricia’s questions during Rapid Fire Q&A made Sandy nervous that she knew something he did not know.
Sandy Show Coffee Mug

There Are Two Kinds Of People In The World

There are two kinds of people in the world, which one is The Fuzz?

Rapid Fire Q&A

There is a lot of funny in this round of "Rapid Fire Q&A" Sandy shares the strangest thing he has ever had a house...
The Sandy Show

The Lady At The Bakery Gets Personal With Sandy

The Latest

The Week In Review

A geat way to catch up with the show.  We take all the hightlights and put them together in less than 4 minutes.  This...

Phone Jibba, 8th Grade Gambling

Rick and the guys in "The Tank" have an usual idea about gambling that they pitch to an 8th grade teacher. GMM · Phone Jibba,...

Eric Plays Fact or Bullfact

Eric from Rapid City plays Fact or Bullfact and shocks Sandy and Tricia with some of his knowledge. If you want to play text...

Sandy and Tricia’s 50th Wedding Anniversay Photo

It is hard to explain how this happened.  Tricia and Sandy were sitting on a day bed and The Fuzz said they looked so...

Sandy Is Searching For Something

Sandy feels like he needs to do something that scares the ___ out of him. Something completely out of his comfort zone. Listen...

Sandy Finally “Gets” Prince

For years, Sandy has said he did not "get" Prince. A single performance from 2012 has enlightened him. Listen as Sandy explains how it...

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