Monday, December 5, 2022

The Sandy Show Podcast June 8, 2020

The Sandy Show Podcast June 8, 2020
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Sandy Show June 8 Podcast

Listener Tamara sent us some mail describing her new “perfect in every way boyfriend” who she might have to break up with because of his JOB. She wanted Tricia’s advice on what to do but Tricia felt she couldn’t make any recommendations until she knew what he does for a living.

UPDATE: Tamara sent Sandy and Tricia an email telling them exactly what her “perfect in every way boyfriend” does for a living and HOLY WOW! How is that even a thing???

Sandy’s DJ friend, Rick Rumble (his real name – of course he’s a DJ), made up a parody of Paul Harvey’s “Why God Made a Farmer” and it’s amazing!

Enjoy The Sandy Show June 8 Podcast

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