Monday, December 5, 2022

The Sandy Show April 22, 2020 – AM

Tricia summarizes her life and brings everyone up to do date on how she feels about ALL THINGS!   Feelin’ a little backed up? Feelin’ a little bloated? Tricia and Sandy are going to tell you why! There’s a side effect from the quarantine that’s a real thing and it’s not great!

Sandy asks Tricia how long it would take her to get fit and into the kind of shape she wants to be in and she says 3 months. Wait til you hear what she says she could achieve if she had 6 months! Sandy also tries to get Tricia in trouble with her girls but he is shot down!

Billy Joe Armstrong has been releasing a cover song every week during the quarantine and this weeks is…..

Today in “Good Stuff” we hear about Subway sandwiches, how a man has had his life saved TWICE, and other encouraging news!

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