Monday, December 5, 2022

The Sandy Show April 21, 2020 – PM

Sandy and Tricia discuss which celebrities are good at being famous and which ones just can’t do it. Also, we hear a super weird message from Dr. Phil. WTH??

Listen to how one man decided to spend part of his quarantine time. It’s brilliant! But the rest of his quarantine time will be spent in jail!

Are Sandy and Tricia missing something?? They talk about the “One World Together and Apart in People’s Homes and Friends” blah blah whatever-it’s-called concert and can’t believe how BAD Elton John’s performance was! But everyone else is praising it! What’s happening??

In today’s “Care Don’t Care” Sandy asks Tricia if she cares about blue water, a new emoji, and penis masks. Can you guess which one is a sure bet that she cares about??

Here are “The Things We Learnt” today! We always try to leave you just a little bit smarter than we found you!

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