Monday, December 5, 2022

The Sandy Show April 21, 2020 – AM

Sandy tries to hand the opening of the show over to Tricia and it does not go well. Also, Tricia wonders if someone misses her as much as she misses them.

Tiger King is still one of the #1 topics in America second only to the coronavirus. Wait til you hear how many minutes Americans are dedicating to watching Joe Exotic! 

Sandy has a theory that guys who want to take this quarantine time to learn music will learn only certain parts of certain songs and this may lead to many, many divorces!

Hear about what one New Yorker is handing out to healthcare workers to show his appreciation for their hard work, Anderson Cooper’s OOPS moment, and a super scary story about a baby being born that ends up having a happy ending!

In today’s “Good Stuff” Sandy and Tricia tell you about some amazing people doing amazing things around the world to help their neighbors. Also, for all the dads out there, listen up because Gov. Cuomo gives some spot-on parenting advice!

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