Monday, December 5, 2022

Sopranos Ending Revealed

Sopranos Ending Revealed

Remember the final scene of The Sopranos when Tony was in the diner with his family and then it fades to black and you don’t know what happens? Sandy’s been super pissed about that since the final show aired in 2007. Well now we know! The writer, David Chase, let it slip!

Check out the stuff you don’t hear on the air (video)

Tricia says that when she gave birth eleven years ago she must have given all of her beauty mojo to the baby because she’s been off ever since. Her main complaint has been her hair and how she just can’t get it right. Until now! Ladies, if you’re looking for a recommendation to help you get some luscious locks then Tricia has a tip for you!

Take a look inside Sandy’s iPhone

This is a story that highlights the importance of math and making sure you always carry the one. The Mayans are predicting the end of the world and they may be right this time!


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