Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Sandy Gets Choked Up Talking About MLK

On Today’s Show: Sandy gets choked up talking about his grandpa and MLK.

When Sandy was 6 years old his grandpa told him something about MLK that has stuck with him to this day. Everytime he tells the story he gets choked up and today is no different.

McConaughey Considers Pro Wrestling

Mathew McConaughey is considering a carreer move that might get his face busted up.

Tricia shares the story of when she met Willie Nelson when she was 9 years old and how her Mom tried to be cool but 100% blew it.

Our producers in “The Tank” heard we thought they were a little too Phone Jibba focused so they recorded a new song. The song is about the people that stormed the US Capital getting caught and it is hysterical.

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