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The Sandy Show Podcast

The Sandy Show Jan 27, 2020

The Sandy Show Podcast

Cake and Windy Pops

Today on The Sandy Show: Tricia plays "Fact or Bullfact" with the hopes of going 5 for 5 and winning a cake. A little girl in...
The Sandy Show Podcast

The Nuclear Biscuit

On the show today: Ever heard of the "Nuclear Biscuit?" Will Sandy redeem himself in "Fact or Bullfact?" A Star Wars song played on a toaster.
The Sandy Show Podcast

Will Tricia Win A Cake?

Today on the show: Will Tricia go 5 for 5 in Fact or Bullfact and win a cake? Fifteen people went to a party...
The Sandy Show Podcast

Sandy Says She Is Crazy Tricia Thinks She Is Awesome

On Today's Show: Two of Tricia's "Boo's" are in today's Audio File.  She said it made her start lactating and her uterus hurt. is the revenge...

Sandy Gets Choked Up Talking About MLK

On Today's Show: Sandy gets choked up talking about his grandpa and MLK. When Sandy was 6 years old his grandpa told him something about...

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Sandy Made A Manicure Creepy

Tricia is constantly "encouraging" Sandy to get a manicure.  She even got him a $50 giftcard to a nail salon as a Christmas gift. ...

Family Movie Night: Harry Potter

Sandy and Tricia's 11 year old daughter, The Fuzz, is obsessed with Harry Potter. The whole family recently watched "The Sorcerers Stone." Check out...
The Sandy Show Podcast

The Sandy Show Jan 27, 2020

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