Tuesday, March 2, 2021
The Bag Of happinness

The Bag Of Happiness

Tricia had one of those days where everything sucked. We decided she had a case of the "Covid Blues" So Sandy decided to get her...

Norma Plays Fact or Bullfact

Will Norma do it?  Will she get 4 out of 5 right and win a groovy Sandy Show T-Shirt or Coffee Mug? You can...

Our Dog Shiny Has Charlie Brown Feet

Tricia noticed this last week and can't stop looking at it.

Rolling With The Fuzz, “What Is Love?”

It is Valentines Day, so who better to ask what love is then a 10 year old. Rolling With The Fuzz "What Is Love"    

Tricia In Her Shark Blanket

This is how Tricia gets in her chair after she gets in her Shark Blanket https://vimeo.com/449473093

Plizzanet Earth With Snoop Dogg

Today's show was brought to you by Snoop Dogg. Snoop is dipping his toe back in Professional Wrestling.  Here is the audio clip from...

Rapid Fire Q&A, “Strangest Thing A House Guest Has Ever Done While Visiting”

During "Rapid Fire Q&A" Tricia as Sandy what the Strangest Thing A House Guest Has Ever Done While Visiting.  For starters, Sandy didn't know...

Listen On Demand June 8, 2020

Listener Tamara sent us some mail describing her new “perfect in every way boyfriend” who she might have to break up with because of...

Which Of These Feelings Does Tricia Hate The Most

Being embarrassed, wrongfully accused, or ripped off?

The Latest

Sandy Made A Manicure Creepy

Tricia is constantly "encouraging" Sandy to get a manicure.  She even got him a $50 giftcard to a nail salon as a Christmas gift. ...

Family Movie Night: Harry Potter

Sandy and Tricia's 11 year old daughter, The Fuzz, is obsessed with Harry Potter. The whole family recently watched "The Sorcerers Stone." Check out...
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