Wednesday, September 28, 2022
The Sandy Show

Congratulations MiMi

The Champion of Games 2 is underway!  For the first time ever MiMi is not in last place.  Congrats MiMi

This Model Can’t Believe She Can’t Get Hired

This Model Can't Believe She Can't Get Hired. She thought she would be unique, you know different, but Haylee was wrong and now this model...

The Champion Of Games Night 1 “Trouble”

The "Champion Of Games II" will determines best game player in our family.  It consists of 3 games: Trouble, Mexican Train and Skip Bo. ...
Sandy Show Coffee Mug

There Are Two Kinds Of People In The World

There are two kinds of people in the world, which one is The Fuzz?
The Sandy Show

Watch Out For This Amazon Scam (VIDEO)

The latest Amazon Scam is amazing and hard to figure out.  The scammers use an address in Delaware and your name but never charge...

Which Of These Feelings Does Tricia Hate The Most

Being embarrassed, wrongfully accused, or ripped off?

Rapid Fire Q&A, “Strangest Thing A House Guest Has Ever Done While Visiting”

During "Rapid Fire Q&A" Tricia as Sandy what the Strangest Thing A House Guest Has Ever Done While Visiting.  For starters, Sandy didn't know...

Rapid Fire Q&A

There is a lot of funny in this round of "Rapid Fire Q&A" Sandy shares the strangest thing he has ever had a house...

Tricia In Her Shark Blanket

This is how Tricia gets in her chair after she gets in her Shark Blanket

How Cool Is This? Virtual Design

Have you ever heard of virtual design? Spindle Design Co. can give your home office or any other space the look and feel you...

The Latest

Sandy Got His Toenails Painted

Sandy got his toenails painted.  Why?  

The Things We Learnt

All the things we learnt today!

Sandy Smells Girlie

The Phone Jibba Phone Prank “Pizza Delivery Ride Along”

Rick and the guys order a pizza to be delivered but have an unusual request.

Tricia’s Drunk Review of Kong vs Godzilla

Here is Tricia's drunk review of Kong vs Godzilla.

The “Hair Removal” Phone Jibba Phone Prank

Rick and the other producers in "The Tank" call a women that had her legs waxed and got a Brazilian the day before to...

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