Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Which Of These Feelings Does Tricia Hate The Most

Being embarrassed, wrongfully accused, or ripped off?

Rapid Fire Q&A, “Strangest Thing A House Guest Has Ever Done While Visiting”

During "Rapid Fire Q&A" Tricia as Sandy what the Strangest Thing A House Guest Has Ever Done While Visiting.  For starters, Sandy didn't know...

Rapid Fire Q&A

There is a lot of funny in this round of "Rapid Fire Q&A" Sandy shares the strangest thing he has ever had a house...

Tricia In Her Shark Blanket

This is how Tricia gets in her chair after she gets in her Shark Blanket

How Cool Is This? Virtual Design

Have you ever heard of virtual design? Spindle Design Co. can give your home office or any other space the look and feel you...

Finally Trying The Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich

Tricia and The Fuzz are a bit late to the Popeye's Chicken Sandwich game, but they are finally giving it a try.  Will it...
The Sandy Show

The Lady At The Bakery Gets Personal With Sandy

Norma Plays Fact or Bullfact

Will Norma do it?  Will she get 4 out of 5 right and win a groovy Sandy Show T-Shirt or Coffee Mug? You can...

Listener Paula Breaks Tricia’s Heart

A listener named Paula broke Tricia's heart.  "It just makes me sad" --Tricia  

Off The Air Discussions “Bad Hair Day”

Tricia was having a bad hair day and asked Sandy, "Are you sure it's not cute?"  Sandy's response let Tricia know what she was...

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The Sandy Show Podcast

Will Tricia Win A Cake?

Today on the show: Will Tricia go 5 for 5 in Fact or Bullfact and win a cake? Fifteen people went to a party...
The Sandy Show Podcast

Sandy Says She Is Crazy Tricia Thinks She Is Awesome

On Today's Show: Two of Tricia's "Boo's" are in today's Audio File.  She said it made her start lactating and her uterus hurt. is the revenge...

Sandy Gets Choked Up Talking About MLK

On Today's Show: Sandy gets choked up talking about his grandpa and MLK. When Sandy was 6 years old his grandpa told him something about...
The Sandy Show Podcast

Fooey Has Been Called

People Will Believe Anything

People really will believe anything.  It is hard to believe that Tricia had to tell guys not to believe someone posing as a Dr...

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Sandy’s Birthday Card To Tricia

Tricia does not like anything mushy, so what did Sandy do?  Got her a mushy birthday card that almost made her throw up.

People Will Believe Anything

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