Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Sandy Almost Falls In Tricia’s Trap

Sandy and Tricia has a family rule that has to do with talking about a certain thing.  Tricia almost tricked Sandy in to talking...
Hidden Objects

Can You Find All 20 Hidden Objects?

Can You Find All 20 Hidden Objects? 1. Something made out of legos 2. Clothing worn backwards 3. An apple 4. Landry 5. Shiny the Dog 6. Sunscreen 7. Sunglasses 8. A...
Tricia Must Have Hair Thing

This is a MUST HAVE For Luscious Locks

Tricia says that when she gave birth eleven years ago she must have given all of her beauty mojo to the baby because she’s...

Rapid Fire Q&A

There is a lot of funny in this round of "Rapid Fire Q&A" Sandy shares the strangest thing he has ever had a house...

When The Mics Are Off

When the mics are off the cameras keep rolling.  Here is a behind the scenes look.

We See You Nuke Bizzle

We see you Nuke Bizzle.  So does the IRS.  We would never suggest trying to defraud the US Government, but if you do, don't...

Tricia Nails Monkey Bread

Tricia is known for her hit or miss cooking skills. Her recent endeavor is a HIT.  If you love warm, gooey, buttery, cinnamon, sugar...
The Sandy Show

Watch Out For This Amazon Scam (VIDEO)

The latest Amazon Scam is amazing and hard to figure out.  The scammers use an address in Delaware and your name but never charge...
The Sandy Show

The Lady At The Bakery Gets Personal With Sandy

Sandy’s 1975 MG

This is the car Sandy was recently talking about.  It is a 1975 MGB that his dad bought in 1983. Sandy has had it...

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The Sandy Show Podcast

Will Tricia Win A Cake?

Today on the show: Will Tricia go 5 for 5 in Fact or Bullfact and win a cake? Fifteen people went to a party...
The Sandy Show Podcast

Sandy Says She Is Crazy Tricia Thinks She Is Awesome

On Today's Show: Two of Tricia's "Boo's" are in today's Audio File.  She said it made her start lactating and her uterus hurt. is the revenge...

Sandy Gets Choked Up Talking About MLK

On Today's Show: Sandy gets choked up talking about his grandpa and MLK. When Sandy was 6 years old his grandpa told him something about...
The Sandy Show Podcast

Fooey Has Been Called

People Will Believe Anything

People really will believe anything.  It is hard to believe that Tricia had to tell guys not to believe someone posing as a Dr...

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Sandy’s Birthday Card To Tricia

Tricia does not like anything mushy, so what did Sandy do?  Got her a mushy birthday card that almost made her throw up.

People Will Believe Anything

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