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The Sandy Show

The Sandy Show Connects!

You can't recreate the chemistry of The Sandy Show. It's natural, undeniable and unique.  Listeners love the daily features, The Stories We Love, Care Don't Care, The Phone Jibba Phone Scam, and The Trishpiration. But it is Sandy and Tricia's authenticity and relatability that listeners bond with.  Listeners feel like they are eavesdropping on their friends with the "weird" marriage.  This show connects! 

The Sandy Show delivers 12 content breaks, and 11 teases, allowing you to build your own clock and control the music.  The show also provides 3 top of hour teases, a daily promo and a fast turn time on as many local liners, endorsement spots, promos and PSA's that you need. Plus, The Sandy Show creates daily social media content that can be posted on your social media & digital brands.