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"The Sandy Show is funny, relatable, thoughtful, and smart. They understand what programmers are seeking in a show: strong, fun, timely, and well-prepared content. Sandy has always had a unique insight into what listeners want to hear, and creates a lasting bond with his audience."


- Cat Thomas
Program Director, WSHE Chicago




Jeff McHugh - The Randy Lane Company"The Sandy Show: authentic, self-depreciating, funny, great storytellers. Sandy and his wife, Tricia, are memorable characters who share life experiences, emotions, and viewpoints in a way that creates a stronger bond with listeners than generic, music-only programming."

- Jeff McHugh
The Randy Lane Company


Tricia - The Sandy Show

 Tricia is a veteran call-in guest on her husband's super-successful radio show, "The JB and Sandy Morning Show." She began her "career" when she said "yes" to a date with Sandy McIlree and has spent the last 15 years receiving unexpected, live, on-air calls meant to shock and stump her while entertaining everyone else. She has always delivered consistent, funny remarks that pretty much put her husband in his place

Sandy - The Sandy Show

Sandy brings 29 years of experience to "The Sandy Show," most notably as half of "The JB and Sandy Morning Show" in Austin, TX.Sandy has been named "Austin's Best Radio Personality" by The Austin Chronicle five times, "Best Radio Personality" by Austin Monthly magazine twice, and nominated to the Texas Radio Hall of Honor.

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