Wednesday, April 14, 2021

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How To End a Text Message Conversation

Everyone need to know how to end a text message conversation.  We have all been there, you start a text message conversation and it goes on too long.  You are ready to end it....

Sandy Got His Toenails Painted

Sandy got his toenails painted.  Why?  

Phone Jibba “Mama Bear”

Rick pushes sit a little far when he asks a women if her daughter would like to be on a competition show.  In the end it works out but always be careful when you...

Listen Live

You can listen to the Sandy Show live on any of our affiliates HERE.  Not all of our affiliates are listed (we are working on it) but there is enough for you to choose...

Phone Jibba “Tech Tastic”

  Rick channels his inner Game Show Host in today's Phone Jibba Phone Prank.  

The Award Winning Sandy Show Week In Review

Check out the award winning Sandy Show Week in Review.  The line of the week award goes to Tricia, "Meema wants everyone to know that he is her PeePaw!"  

Sandy’s Wimpy 70’s Playlist

Sandy and Tricia got a little carried away with Sandy's Wimpy 70's playlist, but it brought back so many memories and a ton of laughs.  

The Mumble Mouth Phone Jibba

Rick does Sandy's favorite Phone Jibba character Mumble Mouth when he calls the Craft Store.  

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