Wednesday, September 28, 2022

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Sandy Got His Toenails Painted

Sandy got his toenails painted.  Why?  

The Things We Learnt

All the things we learnt today!

Sandy Smells Girlie

The Phone Jibba Phone Prank “Pizza Delivery Ride Along”

Rick and the guys order a pizza to be delivered but have an unusual request.

Tricia’s Drunk Review of Kong vs Godzilla

Here is Tricia's drunk review of Kong vs Godzilla.

The “Hair Removal” Phone Jibba Phone Prank

Rick and the other producers in "The Tank" call a women that had her legs waxed and got a Brazilian the day before to tell her that they have to add a few dollars...

Sandy’s 1975 MG Finally Has a Name

It is hard to believe that Sandy's old car has never been named when her name was right under his nose the entire time.  Hear the story of Sandy's 1975 MG and what her...

Tricia and The Fuzz Take The 1975 MG For a Ride

  Tricia and The Fuzz take the 1975 MG for a ride.

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